Sample mission overview

Each mission is different from the previous one, yours will be different too; these few forms can give you a more precise idea of our missions and our work modalities…

In the training area, we have conceived our own working tools, with mono-company products (mostly for medium-sized and large groups) as well as inter-companies products (more for small and medium-sized companies). The aim is to adapt –always through tailor-made work- the added value of experiential consultants’ missions to the needs of acquiring new knowledge, making a theoretical review of a situation and validating the experiences.

Everything you always wanted to know about M&A but were afraid to ask
Beyond the legal and financial aspects of an M&A, how to ensure that it actually succeeds on a long-term basis?
Having the courage to get out of the sole rational look: knowing what to do during the 4 key phases to avoid destruction of value.