Consulting firms

With these companies, we work on a stable and frequent basis; they are not just occasional or front partners but, on the contrary, colleagues with whom, for years, besides realizing missions, we have shared a common history and methodological path. Sometimes, what we do not have, they have got it; other times, it is us who bring them what they lack. It is even truer in an intercultural setting.

Arifana - Sweden

Bruno Vincent-Genod Conseil – Lyon, France

Conception, accompagnement et gestion de projets. S.F.D Scrl - Belgium

Echo - Italy

Esencia – Anglet, France

Gaëlle Leplat-Kermarrec – Nantes, France

Gagandeep Singh - India

Kehityspiikki Consulting Oy - Finland

Stratelio – Nantes, France

Through our professional association, the International Forum for Social Innovation, we attend events in the whole world, either as partners or as guests. This allows us to continuously learn and explore with different sensitivities and problems. For the partner-client, this means having the possibility to explore new things as well as having consultants who are always fertilized by new learning experiences.

Actis Internacional - Spain

Besod Siach - Israel

Forum International de l’Innovation Sociale - Paris

InnovAcción - Perù

InterCreAcción - Cuba

Matris - Belgium

Social Innovations Finland association